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We are highly focused on providing prompt guidance for setting up a new business in the BVI, irrespective of company scale or type. It’s the same consistent quality, reliability, and affordability that has made us No.1 in the BVI.


  • Promotion and Business Development.

  • Consulting and Advisory.

  • Company formation.

  • Marketing services.

Promotion & business development

Advertising and promotion services on foreign territories. All types of promotion services in the sphere of demonstrating films.

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Signing a Contract

Consulting & Advisory

Business succession planning. Business process improvement. Benchmarking and performance criteria. Financial projections, models, and budgets.

Consulting typically entails custom work, whereas advisory is usually based on research that's already been done (and therefore typically more repeatable). For the same reason, advisory is often more strategic, while consulting often includes details of implementation.

Company formation

Company formation is the process of incorporating a business. Upon incorporation, a private limited company becomes a separate legal entity; an 'individual' that is completely distinct from its owners and responsible for its own finances, assets, and liabilities.

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Marketing services

Blossom ventures offer a wide range of marketing services. We provide a "one-stop service" for our clients around the world, all backed up by our staffs' decades of experience in global business and corporate services, which is led by the Chartered Secretary.  

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